Commission Info

SharkTeath is open for commission work on a case by case basis.  For availability you can contact Chea Ros at or via an Instagram/Twitter DM @sharkteath.


Commissions are based on a sliding hourly rate scale in order to accommodate all levels of income.  You may choose an hourly rate between $30-$40 USD depending on what fits within your budget, and as with all service jobs, tipping is always welcome upon completion of the work.  Payments are excepted via PayPal, Venmo, CashApp or cash (if applicable).  A small deposit is required to start the process and the rest of the money due is paid upon completion.  Please note that if the commission is for a logo that will be used for paid advertisement, branding or any sort of business ventures a higher rate will be applied depending on intent.

Timeline and Edits

Please have a deadline in mind when discussing the commission, this will heavily effect if the commission will be possible within that timeframe.  SharkTeath will provide a preliminary sketch within a specified amount of time.  At this point you will be able to ask for edits if you want the artistic direction changed (within reason).  Once confirmed, no major edits will be allowed and the piece will be finished within the discussed deadline. 

Denial and Refunds

SharkTeath holds the right to deny any commission work they do not have time for or do not want to do.  If the issue is lack of time SharkTeath may provide a future date to reach out again and check in for availability.  If your piece is accepted you can at any time before the final edit opt to pay for the rough draft and not continue forward.  Even if you decide to back out of the commission you still must pay for the hours worked.  If for any reason SharkTeath is unable to complete your commission due to unexpected life events you may receive a full or partial refund. 

Examples of Comissions

Clean line art, black and white, multiple characters: 


Character bust, full color, clean line art: 

Uncolored, simple line art:

Simple line art, basic color study:

Advanced coloring and line art with full environment:

Complex line art, simple color: